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Pet Food

We carry a variety of Hills and Blue Buffalo prescription diets. We can also help you get set up with some different delivery options!

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Pill Pockets

Pill pockets are treats that are designed to hold medication for dogs. They take away the smell and taste of the pills and make it less scary for your pups to take their necessary medication.

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Oravet Chews

These chews are meant to help with your pet's oral hygeine. Oravet Chews require a prescription, so if you are interested, call us for more information!

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Fruitables Dog Treats

These treats are low-calorie, healthy alternatives to traditional dog treats.

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Hills Prescription Treats

We sell treats made for special dietary needs that can be prescribed for your pets if necessary.

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Food Measuring Scoops

Our food partners have given us lots of measuring scoops to give to our patients to make sure that they are being fed the correct amount of food for their size. Ask for one at your next visit!

Pet Toys


At various times, our product partners send free goodies to give away to our patients. Ask us if we have any right now!

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